By Founder: Sam Palgon 

Growing up, my mom always asked me to get our a home smelling nice. So I went to our local store and bought 10 plug-ins to scatter all around the house.

But after just three weeks, I found myself back at the store buying refills for them all. And let me tell you, unboxing and replacing all of those refills every 3 weeks was annoying...

As I continued doing this week after week, it had me thinking: "What if we had a single device that distributed scent using our central A/C." With that idea, the Scently journey began.

With no prior experience developing a consumer product, I spent over a year working with and learning from chemists, engineers, manufacturers, and quality control experts.
To prove my idea was possible, I spent my time disassembling other existing products to use their parts for my first MVP (minimum viable product).
Once I had a working prototype, I was off to the races. Within a matter of months I was working directly with a factory to get the final product design on the assembly line.
Creating a product from scratch always has challenges, but thankfully I met one of the most amazing quality control people on the planet, Tony!

Tony helped smooth out all the bumps along the way and ensured the finished product came out as planned. Without him, I'm not sure you'd be here reading this...

Once production finished, it was loaded onto a huuuge cargo ship. We waited the longest 40 days of our lives for it to arrive in Miami and finally welcomed The Rocket to our family. It was worth the wait :)

We unloaded the truck and shipped out our first pre-order. And just like that, Scently was in business!


As I'm writing this, we're seeing orders come through daily! I'm so appreciative of the early support and encourage you to give The Rocket a try. 

(last updated: 5/5/24)


I intend on updating this page as our journey continues.

To inspire others who are on the challenging business journey and to update you with Scently's latest big news.


Sam Palgon
Sam Palgon

amazing journey


Super cool story!

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