Cinematic Cinnamon | Scent Only

"Our guests comment on the warm inviting aroma nearly every time" -EP

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Top -> Cinnamon

Middle -> Woody Blend

Bottom -> Vanilla

Cinematic Cinnamon takes you on an enchanting sensory journey. It begins with the warm embrace of cinnamon, inviting you into its aromatic tale. As the fragrance unfolds, woody notes add depth and intrigue, just like the backdrop of a captivating story. Finally, vanilla in the base note provides a sweet, comforting resolution. With every whiff, you're transported into an olfactory adventure that's both delightful and memorable.

At Scently, we take pride in thoughtfully considering each and every fragrance we offer.

We ensure:

β€’ No known allergens.

β€’ Safe for pets.

β€’ 100% Compliance with the IFRA (a.k.a. The International Fragrance Association). This means that we adhere to the strictest safety guidelines in the industry.

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