Cloud Nine | Flower

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Fragrance Inspiration: Baccarat Rouge 540

✨ Instantly upgrade your driving experience with this premium, Baccarat Rouge inspired car freshie.

📣 We recommend hanging the freshie from your car's rear view mirror. Avoid having freshie sit on surfaces.

❤️ We hope you enjoy the freshies as much as we enjoy making them.

🔒 Also great for use in lockers to add fragrance and decor.

👀 Actual colors may vary

We have no affiliation with Baccarat Rouge 540. We simply liked their fragrance and created our own using theirs as our inspiration.

Top → Jasmine, Saffron

Middle → Fir Resin, Cedar

Bottom → Amberwood, Ambergris

Cloud Nine is an exquisite fragrance, seamlessly weaving together the delicate allure of jasmine and saffron with the grounding essence of fir resin and cedar. As it settles, the opulent notes of amberwood and ambergris envelop you in sheer luxury. A symphony of sophistication and allure, Cloud Nine is your essence of timeless elegance.

Scently takes pride in thoughtfully considering each and every fragrance we offer.

We ensure:

• No known allergens.

• Safe for pets.

• 100% Compliance with the IFRA (a.k.a. The International Fragrance Association). This means that we adhere to the strictest safety guidelines in the industry.