Mint Lemonade | Scent Only

"Refreshing from the moment you walk inside"Β  -CG

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Top -> Lemon Zest, Verbana

Middle -> Spearmint

Bottom -> Wood

Mint Lemonade is a luxurious olfactory masterpiece, artfully combining the zest of lemon, the opulence of verbena, the sophistication of spearmint, and the richness of wood notes. This scent is the epitome of refreshing, offering a sensorial journey that evokes the essence of a lavish summer escape.

At Scently, we take pride in thoughtfully considering each and every fragrance we offer.

We ensure:

β€’ No known allergens.

β€’ Safe for pets.

β€’ 100% Compliance with the IFRA (a.k.a. The International Fragrance Association). This means that we adhere to the strictest safety guidelines in the industry.

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